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Five Smooth Stones

Daring to minister is as necessary as preparing to minister, for it’s when we are in the valley of confrontation that we’ll look down and see five smooth stones waiting to be put to God’s use. —-A Pillar a Day (1 Samuel: 17)

I have been experiencing deep, deep valleys of confrontations for the last five years now. During these confrontations, I journaled, read, prayed, journaled, read and prayed some more. I shared and spent time with friends and family….. and journaled some more. Journaling has always been my way to heal and process. The suffering within my life these past five years has often been fierce and sometimes crippling, and yet in the most profound way it has also shown me the way toward life. And just as Forest Gump decided it was time to stop after months and months of running. Or how David picked up the stones to conquer Goliath, I felt it was time to stop sitting and dare to be put to God’s use. The last two valleys of confrontations ( I will reveal these in a later post) prompted me enough to look down and, indeed, see five smooth stones. One of the stones is to start this blog, moving my journaling from self to community. This blog is a place for me to share with intention. An intention to take a step forward into life to share my musings, reflections, and wonderings while revealing a life lived within the tension of suffering, beauty, and joy. I am using a second stone to intentionally build the connection and community that we have lost in the name of efficiency and technology. I have come to believe that two of the most significant gateways for overcoming the Goliath’s in our lives is through community and connection (it has been said that connection is the opposite of addiction). I consider this blog as an invitation to come to visit and sit on my porch with me. #LiF

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